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Our Products

 Below you can see general information about the main products that we offer.

 On your request we can provide additional information about this materials, as well as consider the possibility of delivery of other types and grades of polymer products.

Exelene mLLDPE


Metallocene linear low density polyethylene


















  •   All grades produced by gas-phase UNIPOL® with special catalyst, which is patented by ExxonMobil (as the term "metallocene")


  •   The main purpose - increasing strength and puncture resistance, reducing film thickness while preserving the specified characteristics


  •   Homogeneous migration slip additives, stable and uniform coefficient of friction


  •   Compared with octene (C8) grades shows the improvement  of hot tack properties, increase hardness, and about 5% below the seal initiation temperature


  •   Country of origin - USA

Esenttia by Propilco

Polypropylene random copolymers

















  •   Polypropylene random copolymers produced by Esenttia have high transparency and gloss balanced with high impact resistance


  •    Grades for CPP and BOPP films have excellent HEAT-SEAL properties (low seal initiation temperature)  


  •    Real alternative to LyondellBasell and Ineos products (Adsyl and Eltex grades)



High strength linear low density polyethylene (Single-Site Catalyst)


















  •   HIFOR sLLDPE includes two product families: HIFOR Xtreme и HIFOR Clear:



  •   HIFOR Xtreme grades are primarily used in the production of films, where the high mechanical characteristics is required:


- tensile strength

- ultimate elongation

- puncture resistant

- flexural modulus


  •   Films made from the HIFOR Clear grades, have high optical characteristics: minimum haze and high gloss (even if include additives), and good mechanical characteristics.


  •   Country of origin - USA


Masterbatches & Colours by CONSTAB & KAFRIT








  •   CONSTAB (the member of Kafrit Group, Israel) is one of the leading producer of special masterbatches and colors for the plastics industry


  • slip

  • antiblock

  • antistatic

  • slip-antiblock & slip-antistatic

  • antifog

  • UV-stabilizers

  • antioxidant (thermal stabilizer)

  • purge compound

  • processing aid

  • dessicant

  • fresh keepers & odour absorbers

  • flame retardants

  • nucleating agents

  • matt compounds

  • white (TiO2 based)


  •    Country of origin - Germany & Israel

Karpatnaftochim  HDPE
HXF4810H - high density polyethylene


















  •   HDPE film grade HXF4810F uses in the production of sheets and films, bags, small wares, food and textile packaging.


  •    Polyethylene production is based on gas-phase technology by license of company Union Carbide (USA).

  •   Polyethylene by gas-phase technology is obtained from ethylene and co-polymers in fluidized bed reactor using catalysts at low pressure.


  •    This grade has good chemical and weather resistance and is supplied in pellet form with natural colour.


  •    Country of origin - Ukraine.

Other Products

Our supply capacity

















  • On your request we will consider the possibility to deliver other types of polymeric materials, such as:


  •    Butene / Hexene Linear Low Density Polyethylene (C4, C6-LLDPE)


  •    Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


  •    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


  •    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


  •    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


  •    Engineering Plastics

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